Pesticide imageWelcome to Virginia’s Pesticide Safety website!  This website is brought to you by the Office of Pesticide Services in the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to provide useful information related to pesticides and their proper use. You will find information about common pests of the home, lawn and garden.  You will also find information about options for managing those pests, choosing pesticides and selecting a pest control firm if necessary. Information about seasonal pests and emerging pests such as bed bugs and the brown marmorated stink bug will be added throughout the year.  There is even a KIDS ONLY! section which includes activities for children interested in learning more about pests and pest management.  The information on this website comes from a variety of sources including federal and state governments, universities and professional organizations.  We encourage you to add the Virginia Pesticide Safety website to your list of favorites.   We will continue to add more topics over time.  Thank you for visiting today and again, welcome!

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Featured Video

Virginia Tech: Bed bugs from VirginiaTech on Vimeo.

In the above video, Virginia Tech's Dr. Dini Miller talks about the work of her students in looking at strategies for managing bed bugs in multi-unit housing complexes.

Dr. Miller helped develop several bedbug related educational videos, fact sheets, and presentations which are available via the link below.

VDACS Bed Bug and Education Program

Dr. Dini Miller works in Virginia Tech's Department of Entomology at the Dodson Urban Pest Management Laboratory. To learn more about her work visit her bio page on Virginia Tech's website.

Learning Modules

The Virginia Tech Cooperative Extension has released two learning modules for homeowners related to Integrated Pest Management and Plant Diseases in the Home Garden and Landscape: